JAV Actresses

Actresses list:

Ai Sayama portrait

Ai Sayama
Aika Yumeno portrait

Aika Yumeno
Aimi Yoshikawa portrait

Aimi Yoshikawa
Airi Suzumura portrait

Airi Suzumura
Akiho Yoshizawa portrait

Akiho Yoshizawa
An Sakura portrait

An Sakura
An Tsujimoto portrait

An Tsujimoto
Anju Akane portrait

Anju Akane
Anri Kizuki portrait

Anri Kizuki
Anri Okita portrait

Anri Okita
Aoi Matsushima portrait

Aoi Matsushima
Arisa Fujii portrait

Arisa Fujii
Asahi Mizuno portrait

Asahi Mizuno
Aya Sakurai portrait

Aya Sakurai
Ayu Sakura portrait

Ayu Sakura
Ayumi Shinoda portrait

Ayumi Shinoda
China Matsuoka portrait

China Matsuoka
Chinatsu Nomi portrait

Chinatsu Nomi
Ema Kisaki portrait

Ema Kisaki
Ema Yuina portrait

Ema Yuina
Emiri Ikeido portrait

Emiri Ikeido
Eri Sasaki portrait

Eri Sasaki
Erika Kitagawa portrait

Erika Kitagawa
Hitomi Tanaka portrait

Hitomi Tanaka
Hizuki Rui portrait

Hizuki Rui
Itsuki Maino portrait

Itsuki Maino
JULIA portrait

Kaho Shibuya portrait

Kaho Shibuya
Kirari Hoshizora portrait

Kirari Hoshizora
Kokoro Hatsuno portrait

Kokoro Hatsuno
Mai Uchiyama portrait

Mai Uchiyama
Mako Oda portrait

Mako Oda
Mana Sakura portrait

Mana Sakura
Manaka Minami portrait

Manaka Minami
Marina Shiraishi portrait

Marina Shiraishi
Maya Kawamura portrait

Maya Kawamura
Meguri portrait

Mei Matsumoto portrait

Mei Matsumoto
Miharu Usa portrait

Miharu Usa
Mika Sumire portrait

Mika Sumire
Miku Akari portrait

Miku Akari
Minami Kojima portrait

Minami Kojima
Minori Hatsune portrait

Minori Hatsune
Miri Mizuki portrait

Miri Mizuki
Mizuho Uehara portrait

Mizuho Uehara
Nami Hoshino portrait

Nami Hoshino
Nana Ayano portrait

Nana Ayano
Nana Fukada portrait

Nana Fukada
Nanami Matsumoto portrait

Nanami Matsumoto
Nao Wakana portrait

Nao Wakana
Naomi portrait

Natsu Kimino portrait

Natsu Kimino
Natsuko Mishima portrait

Natsuko Mishima
Nene Sakura portrait

Nene Sakura
Rei Narita portrait

Rei Narita
Rena Fukiishi portrait

Rena Fukiishi
Riku Minato portrait

Riku Minato
Rina Mamiya portrait

Rina Mamiya
Rina Okazawa portrait

Rina Okazawa
RION portrait

Rui Hasegawa portrait

Rui Hasegawa
Ruri Saijo portrait

Ruri Saijo
Saki Okuda portrait

Saki Okuda
Satomi Ishigami portrait

Satomi Ishigami
Shiho Egami portrait

Shiho Egami
Shiori Tsukada portrait

Shiori Tsukada
Shoko Akiyama portrait

Shoko Akiyama
Shunka Ayami portrait

Shunka Ayami
Sora Shiina portrait

Sora Shiina
Tia portrait

Tomoe Nakamura portrait

Tomoe Nakamura
Tsubasa Amami portrait

Tsubasa Amami
Tsukasa Aoi portrait

Tsukasa Aoi
Umi Hirose portrait

Umi Hirose
Yu Shinoda portrait

Yu Shinoda
Yua Ariga portrait

Yua Ariga
Yukari Maki portrait

Yukari Maki
Yuna Takase portrait

Yuna Takase
Yuria Satomi portrait

Yuria Satomi
Yurina Momose portrait

Yurina Momose

About JAV Actresses:

The greatest strength of japanese adult video industry is the beauty of its actresses. The amount of extremely beautiful women in JAV business is mindblowing and even more important, they usually looks fresh and casual which entices even more their natural beauty.

Referring girls, japanese society prefers the concept of “kawaii”, the aproximate translation of this concept could be like “cute”. There are some exceptions, for sure, but usually they prefer this kind of natural beauty rather than the slutty looks which prevail in westerner porn. Most of JAV actresses avoid excessive make-up or jewelry. Tatoos are very rare, and surgery is by far less common. On japanese models and actresses we can watch more often the female beauty in their splendeorous and natural forms. In addition they usually wear nice and regular clothes therefore they look casual and realistic.

All these features are the main reason why we adore japanese porn. And that’s why we decided to promote it as much as we can. These are our most recommended JAV actresses. This is just an small selection. In fact, there are thousands of pretty porn actresses in japan and it’s imposible to list them all with the short resources we still have in this blog. Anyway, we are working hard in order to increase and get better this list of pretty women.