Aika Yumeno JAV star profile

Aika Yumeno [夢乃あいか]

Birth date: 26/08/1994
Debut date: 03/05/2013

This little japanese treasure is Aika Yumeno. She is an small and slender girl, but she have those big, natural and delicious boobs on her glorious chest. The rest of her is hot and delicious too, from her cute face with that gorgeous smile to her hot and irresistible ass and legs.

But, once again, her beauty is short compared to her talent for porn. She always fucks really hot and passionate. We love the way she moans and the way she looks at her partners while she is sucking their cocks. But our favourite part is the way she moves when she rides a man, those killing moves are so delightful and exciting.


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